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History of Rock: The Big Bang

Due to the closing of our venue, the seminar has been put on hold as we search for a new home. Unfortunately, we are finding it difficult to replace the great room, giant video sceen and hundred-thousand dollar audio system previously provided by Advanced Audio for our use. However, the search is on and we will be starting up the seminar again soon. Stay tuned...

Please contact the author to speak about the History of Rock Music or the infamous Crossroads Myth. Please use form here to contact the author.


PGD: The Decision to Design

Nothing scheduled at this time...

The author and his wife are happy to share out story and talk to individuals and groups of any size about PGD, Zelllweger's syndrome, the place of science in religion, loving a special needs child or how to live under the weight of tragedy. Please do not hesitate to contact them regarding speaking engagements or any other question you may have. Our greatest desire is to help.

To reach the author or his wife, Elizabeth, please use the Contact form here