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As a successful Television writer once told me, "the television script is a blueprint; not a finished contruction, but an abtract idea put on paper to be molded into life like Frankenstein's monster, with a piece from here, a scrap from there. The craft is creating a work with multiple story lines, varying complexities, formulating new, interesting characters, current and future conflicts, all while remaining nimble enough to overhall any aspect at a moment's notice." On that premise, the following ideas have been written into one-hour television pilots when, upon further illumination, the long, strong, beautifully flowing legs of these stories became visible beneath the skirt. Industry members may contact the author for full scripts.


“An action/adventure revolving around a misfit crew of treasure salvagers who search for fortune aboad a repurposed tug boat on the verge of repossession.  With time running out, the posse bands together for one last ditch effort to discover the trail of the fabled Salvadore Velasco, a tough as nails, gun slinging Cuban from 1870, and his treasure of gold coins worth a quarter of a billion dollars. Together, with a little luck and a lot of skill, they attempt to navigate the dangers of the modern Caribbean, elude the bill collectors and stay one precious step ahead of their very successful, extremely wealthy and notoriously underhanded rival while they try and track down the secret of a notorious, old-west legend and his hoard of stolen gold.

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The following scripts or treatments are currently available. If you are interested in viewing a pitch or script, please contact the author.


Family Jewels

After her father's death, a young woman reconnects with her absentee mother fresh out of prison and finds they have a lot more in common than she originally thought; they're both pregnant. A hilarious look at the many facets of parenting and a generational gap in styles, beliefs, energy levels and the erroneous hope that we can do it better the second time around.

Cursedroads Documentary

Do the Crossroads really exist, and if so, where are they? As a Mississippi Delta tradition, this documentary explores the myth of the Crossroads, their relation to Robert Johnson and other blues musicians, researching all of the probable and rumored locations where such a ritual might have actually taken place, ending with the one true location where the legend began. A trip through the old plantations, small Mississippi towns and blues holy places stopping long enough to visit south's best Bar-B-Que joints along the way. A musical journey through America's soul.

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