Author, Poet, Cool.  

As a slightly scizophenic writer, the many styles represented here include short fiction, poetry and two book proposals. Having been all but a recluse while he rehabilitated, the following works represent the next chapter in the Author's writing evolution. These most recent and yet to be published creations are looking for a home (read agent/publisher). They explore mystery, adventure, tragedy and comedy of life through the tinted lens of a phoenix rising.

Cursed Roads: Planes, Veins and Automobiles

Cursed Roads is the truth behind the myth of the infamous crossroads. This non-fiction look into the Blues legend, including some never before unearthed discoveries, sheds new light the Myth, its locations, its characters, and the astonishing realities that surround one of the most pervasive fables in music history. Going back as early as the thirteeth century and progressing into the present day, the Crossroads continues to inform and influence the very core of modern music. With intimate looks at the live and careers of musicians that span the decdades, from the origins of blues, to the icons of today, this book traverses time through a new lens, a brand new perspective that finally offers a reason for some of the remarkable successes and terrible tradgedies of rock music. Ever wonder why some artist succeed where others with equal or greater talent have failed? Cursed Roads finally has an answer, a sound explaination of music's haunted past.

Interested publishers or agents may contact the author here for a complete book proposal and sample chapters.

Memoirs: Designing Children

Yes, for those who keep asking, the memoir is underway. Focused mainly on the cutting edge medical treatment caleed PGD, or Pre-implantion Genetic Diagnosis, and the heartbreaks and triumphs of trying to have a healthy child with the aide of science and a lot of faith. This is the author's true story, for what its worth, and though it may not be the most humorous piece you'll read, within even the most dire situation there can be moments of histerical comedy, sweet joy, unadulterated love and the unimaginable freedom that washes over when you realize you've faced down your worst fear and somehow found a way though the other side.

More coming soon. Contact the author with questions.