Author, Poet, Cool.

About the Author

Benjamin Barrett, is an accomplished writer of fiction, poetry and film. After studying Literature at Oxford University and creative writing at U.C. Santa Barbara, the author spent several years roaming the earth, spending time in over thirty counties and acquiring a truly unique viewpoint along the way. Early training as a classical pianist which gave way to Synth Bands by high shcool helped fuel a immutable love of music which puncuates his work. His story, Saturday Night Fights, winner of the Dale Griffiths Stamos Prize for short fiction, was adapted into a screenplay which took the Best Screenplay Award at the L.A. HD Fest and was made into a feature length film starring Kevin Nealon titled "Remarkable Power" (available on Netflix). Unfortunately, a time of physical misfortune and some of life's unexpected burdens shortly forced an involuntary early retirement from wordsmithing. Now, after almost a decade, he has returned to the game with spit and fire.