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Like Roy Hobbs returning to the ball field, the determined author is back. Benjamin Barrett, the award winning author has finally re-emerged to become a new force of narrative vision and well-tuned word-smithing. Despite being sidelined for nearly a decade, the new father with a new perspective has been steeled by the depths of tragedy and sharpened his craft to a razor's edge. He is a remarkably versitile writer that is constantly pushing himself into new territory, searching out new styles and seeking out the soul of any project. A writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and screenplays, his style has been described as "what happens to character driven drama when all the characters are cool." Catch the new wave of fantastic tales and unforgettable charaters coming to a book store, website, movie theater or plasma screen near you.


Recently Published Essays:

Waiting for the Rails to Rumble: Excerpt Published in Playboy (LTHE) April, 2014.
Full article published in Pop Matters 10/14/14

How Do You Like Your Blue-eyed Boy? The Quandry of the NFL Quarterback: published in The Sports Column, 1/15/14

Sly like a Vox: published in Empty Mirror, 11/26/13

Punk Rock is so Punk Rock: Published in Empty Mirror, 11/7/2013


Latest Project
Cursed Roads: Planes, Veins and Automobiles Unearthing the infamous blues Crossroads myth with new discoveries, a fresh perspective and the stark realities that surround one of the most pervasive ghost stories in music history. This long awaited book traces the legend back to its thirteeth-century roots and follows the clues into moderrn day. This modern saga of the crossroads myth and the musical Icons who sold thier souls to the devil continues to inform and influence the very core of modern music today, and what's more, the truth behind the tale is far more incredible, mysterious and down right spooky than the fable could ever hope to be.

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